MJ Impersonator Sergio Cortes Shows Off His Spectacular Moves

MJ Impersonator Sergio Cortes Shows Off His Spectacular Moves

Michael Jackson has a lot of fancy foot work. Sergio Cortes is highly aware of this so he makes it his duty to do study those moves and deliver on stage. He is a Michael Jackson impersonator and he has the skills that have pushed him into the spotlight. One of the most interesting things about Cortes is his constant desire to perfect his MJ tributes as he builds a bigger audience.

He looks so much like Michael Jackson that fans have to do a double take when he makes his way out to the stage. This is the pure magic of his performance. He is not just someone on stage in costume that is doing a couple of Michael’s signature moves. He has the moonwalk and the crouch grabbing down as MJ did, but this is just the beginning. With the costumes and the backup dancers it is like being transported to another world. Most people that are witnessing him on stage for popular tracks like “Smooth Criminal” and “Billie Jean” would believe that they are actually seeing Michael Jackson. This is what he brings to the stage.

Jackson spent years perfecting his tours. He would go to different countries and totally put audiences in a state of shock. Fans would pass out at concerts. Women would scream to the top of their lungs. It was an experience that fans would never forget. The same can be said with the new level of excitement that Michael Jackson impersonator Sergio Cortes brings. There has not been any eye witnesses to fans that are passing out, but he certainly has captured the hearts of some screaming fans. He actually has his own fan base as an impersonator. He has thousands of fans on Twitter, and social media has allowed him to build more an even greater following.

Sergio Cortes has roots in Brazil, but he has managed to build a spectacular following outside of Brazil. This is what really shows just how good he is. He has people that are taking interest in his performance that have never seen him live. That is why he is set to go on tour outside of Brazil. That shows fans that this is no ordinary impersonator. Sergio ranks among the best because he has big shows that are similar to Jackson’s performances. People are excited that Sergio is taking the tour on the road.


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