Mom Earns Honorary Degree After Attending Classes with Son

Mom Earns Honorary Degree After Attending Classes with Son

In 2012 Marty O’Connor suffered a terrible accident, which changed his life forever. The young man had just finished his undergrad degree from the University of Colorado and was beginning his career. However his life was altered when he became a quadriplegic after suffering a fall down the stairs at his workplace. Marty did not let that stop him from achieving one of his goals- receiving his Masters in Business Administration.


Thanks to his mom Judy O’Connor, Marty was able to take classes for his MBA degree at Chapman University in southern California. Judy, a retired elementary school teacher, moved from Florida to California to assist her son with his classes. She attended every class with Marty, diligently taking notes for him and writing his answers on his tests for him as well. The hard work that they both but into the MBA paid off. Not only did Marty receive his Masters in Business Administration, but Judy was given an honorary degree by the school as well.


Judy had no idea that she was going to be awarded the degree and was surprised during the commencement ceremony with an announcement by the speaker informing everyone about it. The decision to award her with the degree came from the school’s Board of Trustees, faculty, and administration. It was Marty’s idea to make it a surprise for his mother. Judy said she was stunned and loved every minute of being in school with her son.


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