Monkey Befriends Dog Who Recently Lost Her Puppies

Monkey Befriends Dog Who Recently Lost Her Puppies

Even at the worst of times, there’s still a reason to be happy.

This is a lesson even animals can learn sometimes, as demonstrated by the friendship between a dog and a monkey in Colombia. In a video, a Capuchin monkey is seen running towards a dog, the two playing before the monkey climbs onto and holds fast to the dog’s back, refusing to let go for any reason.

According to the original Reuters report, the two had known each other for some time prior to tragedy. Locals informed reporters that the monkey had been taken out of its natural habitat as a baby by humans and was abandoned at some point. The dog had fed and cared for it all its life once the two met, remaining friends despite their difference in species.

Unfortunately, when the dog had her own puppies, all of them died for unknown reasons. This seems to have prompted the monkey’s clingy behavior, trying to make the dog feel better after the loss of her children.

Colombian police officers took custody of the animals recently, hoping to get them off the streets. They claim that the monkey refuses to leave the dog’s side for any reason, latching onto her back and not letting go.

There is currently no information as to where the two will be homed, whether it be a residence, zoo, or somewhere else. Wherever they end up, though, it will hopefully be somewhere safe and full of love just like the two of them.


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