Mother Gives Birth to Baby With no Brain in Order to Help Others

Mother Gives Birth to Baby With no Brain in Order to Help Others

It’s been said that there is no greater love than a mother’s love. A mother from Oklahoma City proved that to be true. Keri Young and her husband Royce found out pretty early on that their child had a condition which could cause her to be born without a brain. The couple had two choices. They could either abort the baby or do something remarkable in order to save lives. They chose the second option.


The couple decided to continue on with the pregnancy and give birth to their daughter knowing that she wouldn’t live more than a few days. They did this because they wanted to be able to save other lives by donating the baby’s organs. According to Reddit, Royce took to Facebook to post just how incredible his wife is. He stated that it was one of the hardest moments of his life, but he was amazed at the selflessness of his wife. She ultimately wanted to help others. They found out the baby wasn’t going to be born with a brain and after 30 seconds of crying, the wife asked if they could carry the baby to full term to donate her organs.


Many were touched by the post that Royce wrote. They left open and honest comments. Many called it the most humane gesture they’ve ever seen. It really is remarkable to see that there are people out there who can push through the pain in order to do something amazing for someone they’ve never met before. That is the definition of a mother’s love.




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