Music career of Cassio Audi

Music career of Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi is the prominent businessman in South America. He has been working in the financial industry for more than two decades. That at least is what many of us can talk about him. However, many would be suppressed to hear that in his early life he was a musician. Cassio Audi was part of a rock band that was known as Viper rock band. This is a band that had been formed in the 1980s. This band was very keen on spreading the spirit of rock music band heavy metal into the region. They drew their inspiration from a rock band in the United Kingdom known as Iron Maiden. Viper Rock band performed very well in their bid to spread the music.

Cassio Audi role in the band was a drummer. He was playing the best instruments for the rock band. He made sure that the group achieved excellence by performing very well during live performances. As a drummer, he had to keep the crowds entertained by playing sets very well. Cassio Audi joined the group at is teenage life. This was after he completed his high school. The group that was formed in 1885, went on to play music for many years although Cassio Audi left the group so that he could concentrate on his studies at the university.

Cassio Audi never disappointed his followers. In fact, many people who know him then says that he would have had a very successful career had he stayed on in the music industry. He was a brilliant musician who would have been great. Cassio Audi will go down in memory as one of the people who contributed towards the spread of rock music in the region. In the whole of Latin America, they were the most successful group. They used to compose their music in English. Cassio Audi stayed in the group for about nine years only.

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