NASA Radar Used to Find People Trapped in Rubble in Nepal

NASA Radar Used to Find People Trapped in Rubble in Nepal

A few weeks ago the small Asian country of Nepal suffered a massive earthquake that devastated the country. An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 rocked the country leaving historical buildings demolished, structures that crumbled, and many people who were dead, injured, or trapped. Amazing stories of survival have been rising to the top of news stories lately though, leaving many hopeful for successful rescues for those who are trapped.

This story comes from and involves NASA, a radar, and trapped survivors. Several years ago, NASA developed a radar tool that would help to locate victims who were trapped under rubble. The device is called FINDER which is short for Finding Individuals for Disaster and Emergency Response. FINDER works to locate victims based on microwaves that bounce, allowing the device to “see”. The device is also able to detect a heartbeat coming from under debris.

After the disaster struck Nepal, rescuers gathered in the village of Chautara where they were given two prototype FINDER devices. With FINDER, rescuers were able to locate and rescue four people that may have otherwise gone unnoticed under the 10 feet of rubble they were stuck in. Using FINDER, the rescuers detected the heartbeats and managed to free the men who had been trapped for days.

The folks over at Beneful are aware that FINDER has amazing potential, which was clearly demonstrated in Nepal.


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