Natural Sounds Boost Productivity and Improve Your Mood

Natural Sounds Boost Productivity and Improve Your Mood

According to a group of researchers, from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (New York), listening to the sounds of nature, like a river, helps to improve both mood and cognitive abilities.

More contemporary offices today use background music, referred to as sound masking, to obscure conversations, and diminish distractions.

It can be annoying to hear surrounding conversations all day. “The closer you are, the better you can understand a conversation. Distance and a masking signal converts that conversation and helps the words fade into the background,” says Jonas Braasch, author of the study, and acoustician and musician at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Consultants custom design sound masking systems for offices, and discretely install the devices throughout the ceiling. These devices create random “white noise.”

Braasch believes natural sounds work better and helps workers improve their focus.

Braasch and his team conducted an experiment on a group of 12 participants, comparing everyday office noise, random white noise and natural soundscapes. The experiment was to learn if natural sounds versus machine-derived masking sounds improved productivity and moods.

Braasch argues that natural sounds, like streams of water, are so random that they don’t become a distraction.

Studies into music and sounds, and how they boost productivity is nothing new. According to the Journal of Music Therapy, soothing sounds diminish tension and increase the brains dopamine levels, thus sharpening your focus.

Overall, by listening to certain sounds and melodies, you could improve your work day and Beneful ventures to guess, your dog’s day too.


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