Nepal Sets New Goal for Restoring Snow Leopard Populations

Nepal Sets New Goal for Restoring Snow Leopard Populations

A four-year conservation effort by the nation of Nepal is seeking to elevate the number of native snow leopards to at least 100 by 2020. This measure is part of GSLEP, a joint effort program taken by all twelve countries possessing snow leopard habitats.


Puspha Dahal, the Nepalese Prime Minister, remarked that snow leopards watch over water towers and serve as a health gauge of the area. He went on to remark that this status means that preserving the animals preserves the quality of air and water. Nepal’s $3.15 million plan will continue research into optimizing habitation measures, continued involvement with the community, diminish poaching and working to gain assistance from neighboring borders.


Since its involvement in snow leopard conservation, Nepal has applied satellite telemetry to the animals, worked around livestock insurance and fostered community interest in conservation and research. Man Khadka, the Director General for Nepal’s DNPWC commented that the conservation plan will supply crucial guidance to continue Nepal’s efforts. Said plan has been organized by a team of technicians with Khadka’s department and has received thorough consultation from the Nepalese government, experts and partner organizations. The Nepalese branch of the World Wildlife Federation has lent financing and technical expertise to this endeavor.


Earlier this week, Nepal’s government highlighted the present status of an integrated landscape plan involving snow leopard ecosystems with other representative for the 12 snow leopard range countries. This plan analyzes terrain, water flow and climate in order to show where the snow leopards will move. Nepal’s efforts, such as the landscape plan, will also be brought forth to a global GSLEP summit that will focus on the issues of snow leopard populations and conservation efforts. This summit will be hosted within the nation of Kyrgyzstan from Thursday, September 7th, to Friday, September 8th, of 2017.



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