New flavors!

New flavors!

Evolution of Smooth has new flavors out, and many of your old favorites as well. There are 5 different lines, 4 of which are in the smooth sphere that we all know and enjoy. There are nine flavors in the Organic line, ranging from Passion Fruit to Honey Dew. Visibly Soft has 3 flavors. The Shimmer Smooth line is the most expensive, and has 3 great flavors. Active Protection has two flavors, and SPF included! There is a small line of sticks, similar to a lip stick, and has 3 flavors. A multi pack is available as well.

Evolution of Smooth Lip balms are hypoallergenic, and has vitamin E, jojoba oil, and shea butter. Many people will like the fact that there is NO petrolatum oil as well, which is good for the earth as well as our bodies. A lot of people enjoy natural products, especially as we have reached 2016. This is a great way to help the earth and your lips.

There are 2 great ways to shop. EOS Lip Balms are in many of your favorite stores, and quite a few are near the check out. Check out the company’s Linked In page for more info. You can also shop the website at

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