New Restaurant Exchanges Free Meal for Labor

New Restaurant Exchanges Free Meal for Labor

Seeing someone go hungry is one of the most heartbreaking things. That’s why society as a whole has been working harder than ever to combat the problem of homelessness, help the hungry find their next meal, and just look after one another. There are places across the globe that feed those in need of a meal. Unfortunately, there’s not as many as there should be when you look at the number of people who are homeless. Many of these places that offer meals are also not open 24/7. Sometimes too, people in need of food are too embarrassed to be caught heading to a shelter for help. Luckily, a restaurant in Tokyo has a solution for all of that and more.

According to Reddit, there is a restaurant in Tokyo that will feed you for one small requirement, your time. If you cannot afford a meal at the restaurant, the restaurant won’t let you go hungry. Instead, they will have you work for 50 minutes. The owner of the restaurant said she’s doing it because she doesn’t want hungry people to be turned away because they don’t have money. Ms Sekai Kobayashi believes that anyone who wants to dine at a restaurant should have the opportunity to do so. She’s also the only employee at the restaurant but luckily there are the customers working together to help her out for a free meal.

It seems like a genius business endeavor and also a heartwarming gesture. People from all walks of life from the homeless to college students who want to save a few bucks are coming together to enjoy a hot meal and help out the owner with labor. Those who choose to work can either eat that day or receive a free-meal coupon that can be used at any time. Kobayashi said her main goal is to develop a good rapport and work with others.


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