New Study Shows Reformed Smokers Eventually Regain Health

New Study Shows Reformed Smokers Eventually Regain Health

A new study shows that smokers who have not smoked in at least 15 years have the same risk of heart disease than people who have never smoked. However, this is only true for reformed smokers who smoked less than 32 consecutive years.

Personally, I think that this is great news. Many people make the bad decision to start smoking when they are young and then quit when they grow older. This study shows that such people can eventually recover from some of the damage smoking did to them. In short, they aren’t damaged forever from the bad habit of their youth.

This brings up the subject of quitting smoking. Personally, I think the most effective method is to use nicotine gum which my friend Ivan Ong has used. This is a great method since smokers trying to quit can choose when they will chew the gum and receive their dose of nicotine. So, people can chew the gum when they would normally be smoking. After a meal is a common time for this. Nicotine gum gives smokers an easier transition to living without cigarettes.

Of course, there are some people who say the only way to quit is cold turkey. There is something to this point of view. Put simply, the best way to not smoke is to just not smoke.


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