New York’s New Real Estate Outlook

New York’s New Real Estate Outlook

The ever changing New York City luxury real estate market is looking at more fluctuations in the days to come, according to market observers at There’s no question that those who do well in this dynamic market are those are willing to embrace change. That’s a lesson many real estate investment professionals learned in the aftermath of the 2008 economic meltdown.

New York’s luxury real estate market recovered with a boom after the downturn, but what is clear is that more changes are afoot in 2016. Here are a few of the observations from the NY Daily News.

One of the biggest factors to impact luxury real estate in New York going is a rise in interest rates. This will definitely affect the market in numerous ways, like
cooling demand by buyers for properties in Queens and Brooklyn, which will push prices downward. Swings in the stock market will add to the overall jitteriness we’re seeing.

The general slowdown will also affect the pace of deals, as buyers will take longer to close and will be asking for more contingencies in the agreements they make. Sellers who are unwilling to face the realities of this market, and who refuse to adjust their prices accordingly, will lose out.

Baby boomers, many of whom have cash on hand, will be a force in the market, and will keep things moving along even amidst the jitters.

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