New York’s Newest Feline Police Officer

New York’s Newest Feline Police Officer

When visualizing the members of a police force, one might conceive of a team full of strong men and women who have been trained to enforce the law. While that is usually true, not all members may fit that description. Welcome to Coney Island’s 60th precinct in New York City, where the smallest member of the police force is Martin, a six-month-old tabby cat.


Martin’s story, as outlined in this article, has tragic beginnings. An unnamed woman abandoned the kitten outside the precinct in December of 2016. Thankfully, his story does not remain sad for long. He was quickly taken in by the police force and adopted as the precinct pet. Every day, Martin patrols the precinct, hunting down mice and bringing joy to both officers and visitors.


Little Martin has boosted the morale of officers and brightens their toughest days. Considering the success the precinct is seeing with Martin, could bringing pets into other workplaces increase morale there as well? In this article, the Humane Society discusses the benefits of bringing your pet to work. These include stress reduction, increased productivity and happier employees. While counterarguments to this position exist over concerns for non-pet owners with allergies or fears of animals, it is clear that tabby-cat Martin is a joy to have around the precinct.


Martin is not the first cat to join the ranks of New York City’s officers. With the delight he is bringing to the force, he probably will not be the last either. For now, officers at the 60th precinct continue to enjoy his presence and the comfort he brings on the most strenuous of days. This is one story that has a happy ending for kitten and officer alike.



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