New Zealand Not a Tax Haven –Cone Marshall

New Zealand Not a Tax Haven –Cone Marshall

Cone Marshall is one of the largest law firms in New Zealand, and it is the only law firm that specializes in tax trust and trustee management in New Zealand. Cone Marshall was established in 1999 and is located in Auckland New Zealand Parnell House Level 3 Auckland 1151.


Cone Marshall was created with the primary purpose of assisting international families together with their advisors to create the companies as well as New Zealand partnership. The firm also helps the international families’ advice on how to plan their wealth globally. The company mainly offers their planning services to foreign households, private banks, attorneys, family advisors, trustees as well as other international companies. Cone Marshall also provides full-service on New Zealand’s tax, trust, succession, as well as administration services.


The tax and trust law company is described as Essential in May 2016 in an article that serves as a Law Firm & Experts Directory. Cone Marshall Limited is one company that is dedicated to the service of its clients and to offer quality services it observes to the highest principles of tax as well as trust transparency and ensure that their customers are given the necessary advice on trust and international law.


Karen Marshall is one of the Cone Marshall principles; she graduated from the University of Otago New Zealand with LLB honors. After her graduation, she began her career in London where she worked in one of the largest law firms in the city and she worked as a commercial litigator. In 2005 Karen joined Cone Marshall and was elected the principal of the law firm in 2006. Her responsibility in the company is to prove advice to statutory trustee companies and has a vast experience in the management of trust in general.


Geoffrey Cone started practicing law in 1980 after he graduated from the University of Otago with honors in LLB. He began his career working in one of the largest law firms in Auckland, and later he moved to Christchurch and was a partner and the chairman of partners in one of the law companies in the city. Cone has a vast experience in the tax trustee as well as trustee law and he is a Diploma holder of tax and trust law. While working in Christchurch he appeared in court as council including Privy Council. Cone also serves as a commercial litigator as well as a tax and trust advisor.


Geoffrey Cone did not agree with the social media’s report of New Zealand being a tax haven. Cone argues that the nation does not meet the OECD Requirements and also the features that a tax harbor country possess that include highly privatized banking, and the imposing of minimal or no tax to its citizens. Mr. Cone said the reason why New Zealand has been experiencing an increase in foreign n trust is because of its safe, stable and its high quality judiciary sector. New Zealand has also built its reputation positively.



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