NFL is one of the tougher betting markets

NFL is one of the tougher betting markets

For professional sports bettors, the name of the game is finding errors in the lines or odds. While significant errors are common in college football odds, in the NFL they’re much less frequent and of a much lower grade. This makes the NFL odds one of the tougher betting markets, especially for less experienced bettors. Despite this, there are still opportunities for profit. Some of the largest and most successful sports bettors in history, such as Billy Walters, Lefty Rosenthal and Teddy Covers, have all made a large portion of their money from betting on the NFL.

Today’s NFL games are saturated with the best analysts and handicappers in the business. This is a consequence of the mind-blowing sums of money that are bet on even a typical regular season game. With billions of dollars up for grabs over any given season, the NFL consistently registers as the most heavily bet on sport, per game, of any league in the United States. Let’s take a look at some more reasons why the NFL is so tough.

Big money attracts the big sharks

We know that on any given Sunday, the best minds in sports betting will have their winners picked and their models tweaked to find the slightest error in any line set throughout the world on that day’s NFL picks. Such intense attention from the sharpest of the sharps has the effect of very quickly moving lines that are far from equilibrium back into more reasonable territory. For more on how football odds are set and what an erroneous line is, please see

All this adds up to lines that don’t stay wrong for long. In addition, such small edges mean that it takes a gambler longer to reach the long term, that is, for a gambler with a 0.5% edge, it will take far longer to get to a point where he is very certain to be ahead than it will for a gambler with a 10% edge. This means that to bet on the NFL, players must have a bankroll that is enormous compared with many other sports. All these things conspire to make the NFL a tough bet for newer players.


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