Nick Vertucci Lost it all and then Worked to get it all back

Nick Vertucci Lost it all and then Worked to get it all back

Nick Vertucci, an expert in the real estate industry, has written a book about his business life. Released in early 2018, his book describes his foray into the technology business and after losing it all with he doesn’t scribrs a short sighted business strategy and then jumping o to the deep end of the real estate pool and finding success.

He cedits his success with a change in mindset and building a strong foundation of thnking, reasoning and decision making. In writing his book and telling his story, he hopes to inspire others who may be struggling as he did. He chronicles his life changing steps to turn himself and his business into s winning success story. After he made a fortune and lost it he did not sit back and feeling sorry for himself or point to the things that contributed to his downfall. As an entrepreneur will do, he shook off the defeat and started again.

When Nick Vertucci jumped into the real estate industry, he did not find success overnight. He spent ten years learning the industry and formulating a plan and strategy that worked for him. He then opened the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy and offered his course to others in order to give them a step up in an o dustry where he has found success. His classes offer students the necessary expertise and tools to find real estate success just as he did.

Nick Vertucci found real estate almost by accident. After his technology business failure a friend invited him to a seminar about real estate. While the subject did not seem to be on his tealm of knowledge, something about real estate clicked. Nick Vertucci spent the next ten years learning and studying the subject and formulating his method to make it all work.


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