Nick Vertucci’s New Book Will Test Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Nick Vertucci’s New Book Will Test Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Nick Vertucci is a man that looks to be living the American dream today. Not only does he have a successful career, but a big family as well. But this American dream came through lots of hard work, which Nick Vertucci details in his books which go out to help other entrepreneurs find their way and become successful in financial independence.

For Nick Vertucci, life wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows. While he didn’t grow up poor, he ended up dealing with his fair share of hardships when he became a teenager. These hardships are what gave Nick a new perceptive and changed his life so that he would go out and achieve his goals and be successful for himself and his family. This took a lot of trial and error for Nick, which is why he details his experiences in his books and tries to help up and coming entrepreneurs overcome their obstacles a little bit quicker.

This latest book by Nick Vertucci is his most informative and straightforward compared to his past books, giving his readers the plain and simple truth if they ever want to find success in their lives. It is truly possible for anyone to find success in their life, but only if they are willing to take the roads that are less comfortable and work even when they don’t really want to.

Nick Vertucci’s latest book is titled, “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed”. In this book, Nick hopes to lead his readers and aspiring entrepreneurs to success. This book covers the roadmap that Nick himself took to become successful and it is broken down into four steps.

The first step in order to be successful in creating a vision of what success is, if it can’t be seen, it can’t be realized. The next step is living that vision each day to bring it closer to reality. Creating a detailed plan of how to turn this vision into a reality will be an important step in making it a true goal and executing it on a regular basis.


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