Norman Pattiz Announces Excellent Results on The Effects of Podcast Advertising to Businesses

Norman Pattiz Announces Excellent Results on The Effects of Podcast Advertising to Businesses

In 2016, Norman Pattiz announced significant results on the benefits of podcast advertising to marketing as well as brand lift and the intent to purchase. Assisted by Tom Webster, the results had a clear indication that podcast advertising is instrumental to marketing. The campaign research was facilitated by Edison Research, an organization in which Tom Webster is the vice president. Tom was in charge of the team during the campaign.

The research was conducted on five of the most famous brands in the market. It is projected that every household must use at least two of the five brands. Through the series of comprehensive research, Edison Research established that podcast advertising has key benefits to marketing.


The online reviews ran over four to six weeks consecutively. According to the results, Edison Research established that some brands had a stellar reputation while others needed more work regarding advertising.

This is because there was a need to enlighten consumers on the benefits of using the specific brands. Through the research, Edison Research, as well as the candidates that acted as customers, agreed that if the brands are advertised through the podcast, there will be a positive influence to purchase.

The focus of the research campaign was to show that through podcast advertising, the client’s intent to buy shifts to the positive side of the graph. The following results indicated the benefits of podcast advertising. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:


More than 59% of the candidates who posed as consumers preferred a particular grocery brand. This was an increase in preference from the initial 7%.

  • Before the campaign research study, there was unaided product awareness of up to 37%. This changed to 47% after podcast advertising. This was the result of a financial services product
  • An automobile product in the campaign research study garnered 37%. A lawn, as well as garden product on the other side, garnered 24% in product awareness and preference.
  • Before the research study, 18% of the consumers preferred a specific aftermarket product.
  • After the research study and campaign, the number rose to one-third of the consumers. This group had a favorable opinion.
  • A dining area garnered 76% after the podcast campaign.

Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is a renowned media personality. He is a talented career executive whose role in radio and television is admirable by many. The former chief executive officer of a leading radio platform, PodcastOne prides himself in establishing a stable and one of the leading communications platforms in America.

PodcastOne is famous for providing the best and fastest news on entertainment, sports as well as weather.


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