North America Spine Treatment Procedures and Interventions

North America Spine Treatment Procedures and Interventions

North America Spine is the exclusive provider of the highly successful, AccuraScope surgical Procedure which involves the examination of spine via an open base. This affordable spine treatment procedure has a success rate of over 80 percent. The procedure is used in treating spine and related conditions. These conditions include; Facet Joint Syndrome, Spinal Stenosis, Bulging Discs, Radiculopathy, Foraminal Stenosis, Degenerative Discs and various neck and back conditions. To ensure high access to this treatment procedure, North America spine operates a number of centers around the country. These centers are the headquarters in Dallas Texas, Hackensack in New Jersey, Minneapolis in Minnesota and Phoenix and Scottsdale in Arizona. In spite of its wide reach, more than 70% of patients who visit North America Spine come from outside these states.

Spinal treatment can be a tricky affair, especially if it is done in a haphazardly way without proper analysis and testing. This is reason why North America Spine recommends that physicians and patients ask critical questions to ensure successful treatment. According to, an initiative of the ABIM Foundation which promotes a healthy conversation between clinicians and patients. The questions should be based on the following observations, course of treatment and outcomes:
1. Elective spinal injections should not be done without imaging guidance, unless otherwise stated.
2. Advanced spinal imaging procedures such as MRI should not be requested in the first 6 weeks for patients with non-acute lower back pain, if there is no red flag.
3. Bone Morphogenetic Protein (rhBMP) should not be used for surgeries involving routine anterior cervical spine fusion.
4. Bed rest should not last over 48 hours when lower back treatment is being undertaken

The advanced pain management procedures by North America Spine have already become one of the most sought after surgical treatment alternatives to invasive spinal procedures. Statistics indicate that over 5,000 patients have successfully undergone this treatment. AccuraScope procedure featured recently on WPMT Fox43 news channel. According to PRNewswire, a former EMT and firefighter Joe Berry confessed how AccuraScope treatment procedure gave him a chance to live a normal life after years of pain and other surgical treatments. In staying true to this practice, North America Spine has redefined what a highly accessible, minimally invasive spine procedure is all about. This has been made possible through:
• Operating various centers across the US.
• Stress-free access to a network of well managed interventional pain management program as well as neurosurgeons and orthopedic spine surgeons who offer over 30 critical spinal treatment procedures.
• Provision of intervention through the AccuraScope procedure. This treatment procedure allows real-time diagnosis and treatment at different position on the lumbar spine in just 30 short minutes.
• Emphasize is placed on Continuum care which starts with conservative treatments.
• Treatment is done after evidence based evaluation of every case details based on the MRI review.
• Support for personal pre-procedure and post-procedure encompasses the appointment of insurance specialist and dedicated patient coordinator as well as the provision of physical therapy materials and patient magazine.


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