North American Spine: Someone’s Prayers Were Answered

North American Spine: Someone’s Prayers Were Answered

I’m sure that many of you have heard of a procedure called Accurascope by now. In basic terms, it goes in an takes care of damage done to the spinal cord. In Arkansas, a man by the name of James Phillips got his prayers answered in a big way.

James lives with cerebral palsy. For those who don’t know, this effects almost everything having to do with the spine and the motor skills. Though he never went into too much explanation, it’s fair to say that James had a bad case. James is a guy who never really asked for much in life. All he wants to do is ride a bull. Riding a bull would be a dream come true for him. Everyone deserves to have a dream. Thanks to the Accurascope procedure his dream will be coming true.

How did Shelby White and Phillips meet?

She is his patient coordinator at North American Spine. Phillips was being interviews on FOX 26 News. She met him during that interview. As soon as he told her his story, she offered to perform the procedure on him. She told him it was his best option to get better. The best part about it, she agreed to do it at not extra cost to him. This is huge.

Let’s talk a bit about Phillip’s procedure.

It treats discs, discs that are both herniated and bulging. This procedure also treats something called Spinal Stenosis. It can treat scars and scarred tissue. It can also treat arthritis. It’s over in about 30 minutes. Patients also feel very little pain or discomfort.

The scope looks up and down the spine. It tries to identify where the pain is coming from. Once it does, it goes in with one simple outpatient procedure. It takes away the pain right away. There is absolutely no scarring. For most patients all they need is one bandage and one stitch. Something very simple. After the outpatient procedure is completed, a person can return to work within a few days. This means the patient won’t lose much time at all.

James got his prayers answered and then some. He takes it all in stride and is very humble and grateful for his luck.


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  1. Procedures like this can run into the thousands, even for just the simple ones. He offer saved him a ton of money, money he can now save for other things, more important things. The most important of it is that can have all feelings of being all good deal.

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