Nurses Save Baby so Mom Becomes a Nurse

Nurses Save Baby so Mom Becomes a Nurse

Tyler Harper seemed like a normal baby when he was born seven years ago at Riley Hospital. It was in the days after the new parents took him that things started to get very ugly. Tyler would cry after every meal, and he would normally vomit back up the milk that he was being fed. His parents took him to Riley hospital where he was diagnosed with pyloric stenosis. This disease causes a blockage stopping food from passing into the small intestines. Thankfully, Tyler soon made a full recovery, but the impact that the nurses caring for him had on his mother changed her life forever.

Tyler’s mother was already a successful graduate of the University of Indiana, and she was busy managing two thriving car lots. Yet, she immediately gave her two-week notice allowing her to start nursing school. Now,, she is working in the very same hospital where nurses saved her son’s life.

The mother says that the decision to become a nurse was an easy one. The operating room nurse says that when she has to take a sick child from his parents, she remembers the care and compassion that nurses caring for Tyler exhibited. She says that while she does pretty good handling crying mothers, it is crying fathers that really tug at her heart.

She says that even on the days that a child passes away, she is still thankful that she can share her compassionate heart with parents. Meanwhile, she is also thankful for Tyler who is a thriving seven-year looking forward to summer vacation.


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