Nutrimost Suing Over Piracy

Nutrimost Suing Over Piracy

Nutrimost is suing a rival weight loss and health company over a video that they say was pirated from their website to be used on their website. The alleged offending company is Healthy Living, a weight loss company that is based in Pennsylvania. They are being accused of pirating a promotional video directly off of the Nutrimost website and passing it off as their own with very few edits.

Nutrimost does seem to have a solid claim in the matter as the two video are evidently very similar. Healthy Living did edit the main slogan, but that is just about the only noticeable change between the two videos on the two company’s websites. The customer testimonials are even the same.

Nutrimost tried to work out the matter outside of the legal system but Healthy Living wouldn’t comply. They sent the company a cease and desist letter asking them to stop using the video immediately. Healthy Living did respond by taking down that video. They then put up a new video that just a slightly altered version of the video that they were asked to take down. Nutrimost was left with not other option at this point to help resolve the matter to their liking.

Nutrimost has decided to sue Healthy Living in court to the tune of $300,000. This is the amount that Nutrimost says that they will need in order to recover from financial losses that they went through as a result of the stolen video. They are also seeking the damages to help cover the diminished reputation that they say that they have suffered. On top of that, the company is also seeking a court order that says that Healthy Living can not use any part of that video again on their website to promote their brand. As of this point, neither company has been able to be reached for public comment on the matter surrounding the stolen video.


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