NYPD Precinct Adopts Cat, Spoils Him

NYPD Precinct Adopts Cat, Spoils Him

When NYPD Officer Martin Constanza approached his boss about the precinct adopting an abandoned cat, the request was far from a done deal, despite the cuteness of the cat in question. Fortunately, Deputy Inspector William Taylor, an animal lover himself, was willing to allow the cat to stay on – just as long as Taylor wasn’t required to clean the litter box.


This was a condition happily accepted by the precinct and their staff, who quickly pulled together to get necessary shots, a micro-chip, and medical care for the cat. Taylor himself was happy to contribute to the cat’s canned food and much desired treats. So far, the precinct feels its gotten the better end of the deal, since the cat, dubbed Costanza, seems friendly to everyone.


Taylor shared that the cat now has a regular role in the daily briefing, and can be expected to make an appearance to check on his new friends and liven the room up a bit. “He cheers me up,” Taylor said. “The guys come by and get a chuckle out of him.” It seems the cat has a knack for knowing who might be struggling or having a bad day, and he’ll frequently snuggled up to those in need, often offering a bit of extra attention.


When not cheering teammates up, the cat can be found in his special napping baskets, at one of his three food stations, or around the precinct playing with one or more of his numerous toys. So far, he’s a fan favorite among officers and civilians alike.



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