Officer Saves Baby And Then Something Remarkable Happens

Officer Saves Baby And Then Something Remarkable Happens

A family in Georgia recently experienced a terrifying moment in their lives. It’s something that could have had a different and horrifying outcome. Thanks to the quick actions of a police officer, the family ended up having a miraculous and life-changing moment that they won’t soon forget.


Kristen Parham called police when her 2-month-old daughter started choking. Kristen and her husband did what they could to help their daughter but soon white stuff was coming out of her nose and mouth. They felt absolutely helpless and quickly called for help. Officer Knox was dispatched to the home and he quickly sprung into action. He laid the baby on the couch and did reverse CPR. He sucked the cereal out of her throat and she was able to breathe again.


It’s excellent that Officer Knox had undergone that special training and knew what to do in that situation. He was truly a blessing to show up and be able to save the baby in the way that he did. The small girl, Ma’Yavi, smiled at the officer before crying. It was truly a blessing to hear that noise after what had just happened.


Officer Knox took to Facebook to talk about how out of all the years he’s spent as a cop, that was his proudest moment. He was able to save someone’s life. This story doesn’t end there, however. It actually seems that being a hero was just the beginning.


According to Reddit, the family of Ma’Yavi asked the officer to be the baby’s godfather. Officer Knox proudly accepted that role. It’s great in that all these years to come, Ma’Yvai will have someone in her life that saved her. It’s like she has a guardian angel looking out for her. Officer Knox doesn’t see it that way. He sees Ma’Yavi being his angel. These two truly have a special bond and it’s great that they will both be in each other’s lives for years to come. The family doesn’t know how they’ll ever be able to repay this officer, but they sure are glad that he’ll be around for the long haul.


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