One Man’s Selfless Donation Inspires More Generosity

One Man’s Selfless Donation Inspires More Generosity

One Canadian man has managed to inspire generosity around the world. The man, who has chosen to remain anonymous, made a donation to a homeless shelter that he once lived at. He was helped by Thunder Bay’s Shelter House when he lived on the streets. They have a special outreach program where they find people living on the streets and bring them to the shelter for safety.


Sadly, Thunder Bay’s Shelter House does not currently have enough money to keep their outreach program going. They need to raise $200,000 or the program will have to be shut down. The anonymous man found out about this and decided he needed to give back to the shelter. He is not a rich man, but he wanted to give what he could. He chose to donate a settlement he received for being a survivor of a residential school.


Residential schools in Canada were boarding schools that were specifically for indigenous people. The students at those schools were frequently abused both physically and mentally as well as not being allowed to take part in their own culture. Those schools were shut down as recently as the 1990’s.


The man donated his settlement of $10,000 to Thunder Bay’s Shelter House to help them keep their outreach program going. As his story spread, more and more people felt inspired to donate as well. The shelter is now hopeful about reaching their $200,000 goal. One man’s act of kindness has created an amazing ripple effect that is reaching across the world and raising money for a shelter in need. The anonymous man may not have much for himself, but he did what he could to make the world a better place all the same.


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