One of New Zealand’s Major Cities is Focusing on Cycling

One of New Zealand’s Major Cities is Focusing on Cycling

An advertising firm in Christchurch, New Zealand is adding a touch of inspiration on coming to work every day. The owner of a six-employee advertising office, Tim Chesney, is an avid cyclist, and he has found a way to energize and compensate his employees by paying them to cycle to work. He said that it benefits both the company, by having his staff come into work energized while giving the individual monetary compensation.

All of the employees who cycle to and from work will receive five dollars a day or $25 a week. As an added bonus, if that employee continues for six months, they will receive ten dollars a day! This incentive is taken from the company’s profits and is given to the employee in one check at the end of the year. If an employee is determined, agreeing with the innovative concept of using their car less, there is the potential to have hundreds of dollars added to their salary annually.

Chesney also pointed out the exercise that they would get, so participants would have better health in general. One employee who accepted the offer, and rode his bike daily, said that he had much more peace because he rode through Hagley Park instead of driving in bumper to bumper traffic.

New Zealand is proud to support cyclists, and in Christchurch, there are 13 major cycle routes running through the center of the city, and Christchurch is investing NZ$150m into rebuilding cycleways and maintaining an urban cycleway program. The assistant transport manager stated that cycling makes the citizens of Christchurch a more vibrant city.


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