OSI Industries is Putting an Emphasis on Facilities

OSI Industries is Putting an Emphasis on Facilities

Remaining competitive in the meat processing industry is no easy feat. The industry is cluttered with relative giants; all of them wanting a piece of the pie. Some companies gain clients by aggressive marketing campaigns and media branding. That just isn’t OSI Industries style. OSI opted to, instead, focus on ramping up production and creating safe, state-of-the-art facilities that process meat. This emphasis on factory building, not only increases their production but increases brand loyalty and identity through simply providing quality products.

One such factory upgrade was the one in Toledo, Spain, home of one of OSI Industries biggest chicken production factories. The Toledo factory just got an upgrade in a major way. The $20 million upgrade saw it increase it’s chicken producing capabilities by double it’s current volume. The plant went from producing a staggering 12,000 tons of chicken to producing an unprecedented 24,000 tons of chicken annually. Of course, that’s not all that the upgrade composed of. Included were a new production hall, refrigeration rooms, shipping and receiving areas, storage areas, a social area for employees, and a new product development kitchen. The upgrade makes Toledo prepared for the consistent yearly increase in chicken consumption in Spain.

Toledo isn’t the only factory that OSI Industries has been upgrading to future-proof against rising demands. OSI recently purchased a chicken plant from Tyson in the Chicago area. Purchasing the Chicago plant was a smart move for OSI, who already has plenty of plants in the Chicago area. The plant was equipped with equipment that gives it the ability to produce products other than chicken. The OSI Chicago plant now produces beef and pork products as well. This gives OSI the ability to meet consistently complex and demanding food service clients.

OSI Industries isn’t stopping at upgrading factories. OSI has also been opening new factories. One such example is the GENOSI factory that opened in the Philippines. This 7,500 square meter factory has an annual capacity of 23,000 tons. The factory opened on May 19th, 2017, and has already seen a steady increase in volume. This factory produces not only chicken and beef products, but it also has an emphasis on fish products in order to meet the demands of the Philippine market.

OSI is competing in many ways. One of which is via the upgrades and inclusions of factories. This gives OSI a productive and technological edge against their competitors. Not to mention, more factories means more spread, which gives OSI the breathing room it needs to try to dominate their industry.

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