Paralyzed Walks Down the Aisle at Her Wedding

Paralyzed Walks Down the Aisle at Her Wedding

When Jaquie Goncher was just 17-years-old she suffered from a freak accident that left her paralyzed from the neck down. She dove into a friend’s swimming pool and broke her neck. It left her instantly paralyzed. Doctors told her that she would never walk again. Well, at 25-years-old now, Jaquie just proved doctors wrong.

A month after her surgery, she was able to move her big toe. Her doctors were very surprised. In 2015, Jaquie got engaged to her boyfriend Andy. She knew then that she wanted to be able to stand at her own wedding without the use of her wheelchair. For the next year, she put all of her efforts into working with her physical therapists to regain the strength she would need to reach her goals. In addition to working with her physical therapists, Jaquie also worked tirelessly in the gym.

Thanks to her efforts, she reached and exceeded her goals that she set for her wedding. Jaquie managed to walk down the aisle, and remain standing through her reception for over four hours. While her now-husband Andy was proud of her, he knew of her efforts and was not surprised. The other guests however, had no idea that Jaquie had been working towards walking down the aisle, let alone standing on her own. The couple were able to share their first dance together as man and wife, which is actually the first dance that the couple has ever shared. A live artist was hired by the bride’s mother to capture the special moment for the couple.

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