Parents Get Matching Tattoos of Daughter’s Large Birthmark

Parents Get Matching Tattoos of Daughter’s Large Birthmark

18-month-old Honey-Rae Phillips had some complications when she was born, according to her mother Tanya Phillips. She had difficulty breathing and had to be rushed to the special care unit for babies. When Tanya was able to visit Honey-Rae she noticed that her baby had a birthmark that came along with her complications. The birthmark is a port wine color and covers the majority of her right side. Tanya said her heart broke for her baby when she saw the birthmark.

Susan McGalla has read that, last summer, little Honey-Rae was dressed in shorts when her parents overheard an older couple talking about the red stains on her legs. Find more on McGalla on Her parents decided then that they didn’t want Honey-Rae to be the only one with those marks, so they both got tattoos that duplicate her birthmark. Both parents now sport port wine colored birthmarks nearly identical to Honey-Rae’s in the same place. She also said that Honey-Rae likes to touch the tattoos then point to her leg and say “match”.

Elite Daily has the full story as well as pictures of the matching tattoos.


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