Patients Are Greatly Benefitting from MB2 Dental Solutions

Patients Are Greatly Benefitting from MB2 Dental Solutions

MB2 Dental Solutions is a dentistry network located in Carrollton, Texas. MB2 Dental Solutions is where dentists share their skills with other dental practices.Dental patients benefit from this method by receiving better service at lower costs from referring dentists. MB2 Dental solutions focuses on partnering support and growth, as well as social contact.Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is a well-respected orthodontist who created MB2 Dental Solutions. He created the design model for MB2 as a full-service management company that would free-up dentists from laboring under administrative duties.MB2 Dental Solutions employs professional administrative personnel who handles each partnering dentists’ office duties including legal, human resources, payroll, accounting, staffing, marketing and more.

As a member of MB2 Dental Solutions, dentists can now just concentrate on their practice and the oral care of their patients. Dr. Villanueva understands that because everyone in MB2 Dental Solutions are responsible for varying duties, he meets with his staff regularly.He encourages everyone to be mindful of the principles of the company which is to make dental patient experience better care, to help empower the doctors to provide the best patient care possible, and to have fun.MB2 Dental Solutions under the aegis of Dr. Villanueva is rapidly growing. Dr. Villanueva said that he knew he had to create a company that would alleviate dentists from the many administrative challenges that accompanies a successful dental practice.Dr. Villanueva said that he remembers the challenges he faced earlier in his career serving both as a corporate dentist and a solo practitioner.He said it was very hard to give his patients the best care they deserved and then to monitor all of the administrative tasks required, which demanded his whole attention.

MB2 Dental Solutions is wholly owned by orthodontists. MB2 Dental Solutions provides each member dentists the innovative techniques needed to market and improve their operating standards under an autonomous process.The main principles of MB2 Dental Solutions is based on doctors working together in a private equity partnership and to help each other accomplish more together than they could working individually.Now with more time for family and fun, they join together like family to travel and to enjoy life in a variety of social gatherings.Not only does MB2 Dental Solutions assist existing dental practices, the company and its members support new dentists who have graduated and who are struggling with their own challenges to perhaps start their own practice.


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