Paul Mampilly Excellent Tips on Choosing Investment Opportunities

Paul Mampilly Excellent Tips on Choosing Investment Opportunities

When investing, it is advisable to go for opportunities that give high returns. The stock market has been an excellent opportunity for many investors, but some don’t make much due to lack of knowledge. Paul Mampilly is a successful investor who offers tips on stock investments and also identifies companies that investors should target in their investments. Paul has experience in the financial sector as he worked for Deutsche Bank as well as Royal Bank of Scotland. He worked at Kinetics International Fund and helped in the management of the company’s hedge fund.

Paul Mampilly can identify investment opportunities in the stock market. In 2012 he invested in Sarepta Therapeutics; a company that developed a drug that treats muscular dystrophy. After some time, he sold his shares and got over 2,000% gain. He also invested in Netflix and later sold his shares and made huge profits from the investment. As a result of his experience in the stock market, Paul decided to help investors with tips on which stock to invest in and when to do so.

Recently, Mampilly has given tips on areas that investors should pay attention to for future financial freedom. He identifies companies that provide services or products that will be available for an extended period. Most of these companies experience consistent growth making them better areas for placing investments. One of the areas is virtual reality entertainment. Virtual reality is changing the entertainment industry by making people feel present in a movie or a video game. Companies producing this type of software and equipment are experiencing significant growth and investors should consider investing in them.

The prescription drug market is the second area investors should look at closely. Recently Amazon said it would be involved in getting prescription medications from point B to C. Amazon wants to bring transparency, convenience as well as efficiency in the overall buying process. This has resulted in some popular pharmacies stocks to drop, and Paul Mampilly advises investors not to be tempted to invest in these stocks when they are low as Amazon damage may affect the investment. The third area investors should consider is the 3-D Printing technology that is useful in building new homes. He encourages investors to place investments on this advanced technology as it comes with significant benefits and it is here to stay.

Paul Mampilly excellence in the stock market is unmatched. On top of that, he had an outstanding academic career. Mampilly attended Fordham University where he received an MBA in 1991. He is the founder of Profits Unlimited, and currently, he is a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, and

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