Paul Mampilly & Profits Unlimited Give Main Street Americans Remarkable Investment Opportunities

Paul Mampilly & Profits Unlimited Give Main Street Americans Remarkable Investment Opportunities

Paul Mampilly was once of the hottest hedge fund managers in the country. Known for his expert advice and preternatural instincts, he quickly rose to the top of the industry and helped countless investors secure and grow their wealth. For more than 20 years he worked with the wall street power brokers, advising clients such as ING, Deutsche Bank, and Kinetics International.

Most notably, Paul is known for winning the 2009 investment competition administered by the Templeton Foundation. He did so by turning $50M into $88M which accounted for a remarkable 75% gain during the height of the financial crisis, and to make the achievement even more remarkable he did so without shorting stocks. After all of this he took a sudden departure from the traditional investment world to pursue other endeavors. While his career path has changed his intentions have not. Paul Mampilly is still driven with the desire to help others to secure and grow their wealth, but now he is doing it in a more direct way.

Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited has recently attained over 60,000 subscribers, which has made it one of the fastest growing and most recognizable newsletters in the history of the investment industry. With the kind of expertise and skill that Mampilly has, it is little wonder that a newsletter that is comprised of his advice on the hottest current investment trends would be so in demand. Since starting Profits Unlimited last year with newsletter leader Banyan Hill Publishing, the venture has grown at a record setting pace. The intention is to provide accessible guidance to “Main Street Americans” that would allow them to take advantage of the kind of profitable investment opportunities that usually are only available to the already wealthy and connected.

Every month the newsletter recommends a new stock that is a hot up and comer. The method of investing is simple, rather than Mampilly investing money for his subscribers, he provides them with everything that they need to know and they buy the stocks directly from their own brokerage accounts. Some of the return rates on stocks that have been recommended by Mampilly are 18%, 21%, and 38%. None of the 13 stocks that have been recommended thus far have failed to make a significant return.

For those who are looking to get into some of the hottest new stocks, but feel that they just don’t have the connections needed to take advantage of great opportunities can now find out everything that they need to know to secure and grow their wealth from one of the leaders in the industry.



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