Paul Mampilly thoughts about cryptocurrencies

Paul Mampilly thoughts about cryptocurrencies

Financial investments are a crucial thing to take part in. In fact, investment in a venture that gives back profits is something most of us want to be in. However, there is a task that one needs to complete before making an investment. One must determine the value of an investment before putting his capital in it. Many times, we have seen cases of people who have invested in certain industries only for them to collapse and leave the investors hurting financially. In as much as we love investment, this should be a mandatory task for everyone. As American investment guru advice, investment needs to be well thought out.

Who is Paul Mampilly? Paul Mampilly has been the recent brain behind an article which has gone viral castigating blind investment in the cryptocurrencies. At a time when the cryptocurrencies are growing rapidly, many people are tempted to put their money in this investment even without understanding the nature of the market there are investing in. Lack of basic information about the cryptocurrencies market is about to hurt some investors according to Paul Mampilly. He describes the market as a bubble that may burst anytime. Although he says that the bubble may take some time before it happens, there is a high probability that it will happen sooner than many of us will realize. The bubble burst will lead to massive decline in the prices in the market making a lot of people lose their money.

The main reason why people will lose money is that they do not realize that the market is about to burst. Mampilly compares this bubble to the 1999, technology stocks bubble which led to massive losses for many investors. A bubble happens when prices of a commodity sores for no good reason. Most of the hype around the commodity leads to a huge demand which increases the prices. The process gets to a level where they cannot be supported by just the hype and that is when it bursts.

Paul Mampilly is already giving a warning to investors to be careful with the cryptos. The market is a bubble that will soon than later collapse. Those who have invested should check the market closely and realize when to take their profits before they are hit by huge losses.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is an authority in the investment sector. He has been in stock investments industry for over two decades as a hedge fund manager and a private investor. He has seen so many dynamics in the market that his opinion should not be ignored.

Pau; Mampilly in a frequent guest in media stations such as CNBC and Bloomberg where together with other analysts talk about the matter related to the financial industry.

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