Pennsylvania Litigator Karl Heideck

Pennsylvania Litigator Karl Heideck

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Litigation Expert Karl Heideck

Litigation is a very important part of the legal system and it is the system used to decide cases including both civil and criminal cases. Litigation is the actual taking of legal action against a person or entity. it’s parts are made up of the presentation of the argument in a courtroom, where both sides share facts and evidence, and the result is decided by a judge or jury.

For example, a case can be litigated to decide if someone is guilty of a crime, or in the case of civil litigation, whether or not a company is responsible for an injury to a worker. Litigation includes many acts such as filing the lawsuit, preparing evidence, deposing witnesses, researching case law and more in preparation for trials before a judge.

Litigators are the attorneys who argue the cases in the litigation process. Litigators must be a graduate of law school, and be a member in good standing with the Bar Association. Karl Heideck is a great example of just such a litigator. Located in Pennsylvania, Karl Heideck is experienced in the areas of compliance, risk management and of course litigation. A litigator must be familiar with the proceedings of court, the laws, and discovering facts and evidence for their clients.

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After graduating from Temple University and their school of law, Karl Heideck went on to work at Conrad O’Brien as an Associate attorney. From there he worked for several years as a Project Attorney for Pepper Hamilton LLP, where he honed his skills reviewing case materials and developing a specialized quality control review process to guarantee compliance with the proper standards. Karl Heideck (@karl_like_marx) was also part of the process of reviewing materials and selecting evidence for impeachments. In addition, he gained experience litigating in the field of toxic tort, government investigations, and transaction cases.

Karl Heideck is currently an attorney with Hire Counsel, where he reviews discovery for banking and and securities fraud litigation. He also gets the chance to use many of his skills in his areas of expertise including legal research, writing, appeals, trial and intellectual property.





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