People With Bipolar And Their Use Of Cannabis

People With Bipolar And Their Use Of Cannabis

From the studies coming out of the offices of Amen Clinics and founder Dr. Daniel Amen, the use of alcohol and other substances are much higher in people who suffer from mental health issues in comparison to otherwise healthy people that are part of the general population. This is especially true for people with bipolar disorder who use cannabis as a way to function better. It is estimated that as much as 64 percent of people with bipolar disorder have tried cannabis at least once in their lifetime. This is about two percent of our total population.

While we do not quite know what the reason is for cannabis use with bipolar disorder, studies are suggesting that cannabis may help even out a person’s manic and depressive symptoms, making them more even keeled and balanced. Other professionals are arguing that cannabis use may actually be causing a worsening of bipolar symptoms so there obviously is more research that needs to be completed.

Twenty four participants completed a study where they had to keep a diary of their emotional and mental state. They also had to detail any drug use that they utilized over the course of the week. The results showed that cannabis use resulted in a more positive mood and also the usage increased when people were already in a good mood to begin with. People felt that the use of cannabis allowed them to feel better and function more normally.


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  1. so it means that people who use some of those things and alcohol may have something wrong with them and don’t know. See more at on studies about emotional and mental health I think it is very misleading to allow too much self fulfilling prophecy.

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