Pets with Disabilities Rise Above Their Limitations

Pets with Disabilities Rise Above Their Limitations

In the new book Perfect Imperfection, a pet photographer hones in on what makes some pets super special—in more ways than one. With a special talent for sussing out what makes these animals unique, Alex Cearns takes pet portraits that highlight the amazing personalities of these incredible pets. The best part of the whole project is that proceeds of the book’s sales will be sent to the Australian Animal Cancer Foundation, making this a truly philanthropic artistic endeavor.

One of the dogs featured, Bali, is a street dog who struggled with the difficult skin condition of mange. Bali’s striking portrait reminds us that it’s what under the skin that counts most. An adorable portrait of a Japanese chin mix, Vegemite, showcases the fact that the dog has only one eye as a result of an attack by another dog. A paralyzed French bulldog named Raul is also portrayed. Standing with the help of his wheelchair, he reminds pet owners to never give up on their furry friends.

Although many of the pets portrayed in these magnificent portraits haven’t had an easy time of it, one would never know it. In fact, these pets seem almost ebulliently happy. It’s a good reminder to humans that none of us should ever let our disabilities and limitations define us. If anything, we should embrace what makes us different—and meet the world on our own terms. Indeed, this book would make a great gift for anyone who is struggling to overcome difficulties in their own life.


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