Pitbull’s Commitment To Clean Water

Pitbull’s Commitment To Clean Water

Pitbull is among the world’s most rich and famous entertainers to use his status, platform, and influence to make a positive impact on the planet. He’s taken several steps to use his popularity to spread the message of a clean, safe environment.

Water is a vital resource for just about every life form to ever exist. The water supply has become tainted at drastic levels in even the most affluent nations and humanity has been kickstarted into action. The pollution doesn’t even take into account droughts and water scarcity around the world.

Pitbull has stepped up in a major way to address what has been widely acknowledged as a water crisis. The rapper was selected as Global Ambassador to Clean Water Here, an organization “committed to improving safe water access for all”. A key agenda for the organization is to raise global awareness of the critical need for clean water.

Pitbull teamed up with other well-know celebrities such as Bruno Mars, Demi Lovato, and Shawn Mendes. They, along with Clean Water Here’s Social Media Campaign, have reach a tally of well over half a billion people. As a bilingual artist, Pitbull also has an international crossover appeal. He’s even used his platform to further raise awareness by naming his album Climate Change.

Armando Christian Perez, publicly known as Pitbull, addressed the U.N. General Assembly and reiterated the idea that “water is life”. He mentions two extremes associated climate change that have to do with water – too much of it due to rising sea levels can drown cities while not enough can cause dangerous droughts. “Climate change is complex, but water is life”, said the entertainer, who appears to be doing his best to play his part in helping the world.


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