Pitcairn Island Legalizes Gay Marriage

Pitcairn Island Legalizes Gay Marriage

Pitcairn Island, located off the coast of Australia, has officially legalized gay marriage. The small island, best known for a sex abuse scandal that sent the majority of its men to jail, has a population of just 42 people, and none of them identify as homosexual. The population on the island continues to shrink, with many of the island’s young departing for job and educational opportunities abroad.

According to local reports, the island, in a show of solidarity, passed the law unanimously. Bruce Levenson has learned that the majority of the current residents are decedents from the Mutiny on the Bounty. The island was settled in the late 18th century and remains a British Overseas Territory.

Pitcairn is famed for its beautiful scenery and mysterious allure, although not all is idyllic on the tiny island. In 2005 the island made national headlines when the majority of its male inhabitants were tried for sexual abuse charges, ranging from molestation to rape.

Some inhabitants argued that it was merely part of the culture, and it was improper to try residents based on laws that were not created on the island. A jail was built following the trials to house the men convicted of crimes. Prior to that, the island did not have a jail nor a police force.


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