Police Offers Attends Birthday Party for Baby He Delivered

Police Offers Attends Birthday Party for Baby He Delivered

Deputy Constable Mark Diebold was heading to work in Texas when he noticed that a vehicle was whizzing past him. He signaled to the car and that’s when the driver, Caleb Hall, let Diebold know that his wife’s water broke and she was about to give birth.

Hall and Diebold then pulled over at a nearby gas station, and the police officer helped Caleb and his wife Destiny welcome a baby girl into the world. Officer Diebold even caught the newborn and helped to ensure her airway was clear. The Halls named their daughter Evelyn, and Diebold has remained in contact with the family. The officer was even invited to Evelyn’s first birthday celebration, which had a tea party theme. Professional photographer Cyndi Williams captured some heartfelt moments from the special day.

Destiny Hall, Evelyn’s mom shared on Facebook that she appreciated Cyndi’s professional and creative touch, and that she appreciated the tea set Williams provided as well. She also teased Officer Diebold, stating that he looked fancy drinking tea with Evelyn with his pinky in the air.

Diebold has been all smiles since he helped to deliver Evelyn, and when Williams heard about this amazing story, she was more than willing to create some amazing photos that would capture the memory. The photoshoot even include a picture of Evelyn lying on top of Diebold’s uniform and badge.

Officer Diebold shares that the entire experience has been amazing and that the photo shoot reminded him that police work is what he was made to do.


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