Police Officer Saves Baby is Asked to be Her Godfather

Police Officer Saves Baby is Asked to be Her Godfather

It seems more often than not the news stories regarding police officers are negative and people forget that many of them are just normal people out doing a job. A recent story posted on Breitbart.com is a heartfelt one that may restore your faith in humanity, even just for a few moments.


Saturday September 24th started out like any other day for Georgia mother Kristen Parham, her boyfriend, and their 2-month-old daughter Ma’Yavi. An hour after Kristen fed Ma’Yavi, she began choking. She said that the baby had white stuff coming out of her mouth and nose while she was gasping for air. Her father immediately tried to save her but was unsuccessful. The couple called 911 for help. Luckily for the family, Officer Kenneth Knox was dispatched to their residence to help. He performed reverse CPR on Ma’Yavi and managed to remove cereal from her throat. Officer Knox said that she began breathing again, smiled at him, then started to cry. He said that her crying was like “music to his ears”. In a post that the Officer made on Facebook, he said that in his 25-year career in law enforcement, saving Ma’Yavi’s life is his greatest accomplishment and it has forever changed him.


A week later Kristen got in contact with Officer Knox and asked if he would like to be Ma’Yavi’s Godfather to which he said yes. Kristen said that she knows that he is a good person and her daughter does nothing but smile every time he is around them.


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