Preacher Asks Saints To Help Him Raise Money For An Airplane

Preacher Asks Saints To Help Him Raise Money For An Airplane

So many people have been burned by churches and their so called following of Christ. Alexei Beltyukov knows that there have been many famous scandals that have rocked the religious world to the core. From Jimmy Swaggart to Jim Baker, people don’t know who to trust. The latest preacher to hit the headlines is Creflo Dollar. He is the pastor of the large congregation known as the World Changers Church International. This church is located in Atlanta. He wants believers to pay him $60,000 million dollars so that he can buy a plane.

Now there are many things wrong with that last statement, the first being that most of the people who are in his church probably don’t even have a plane. Second, most of those 200,000 people that he wants to give him $300 is probably poor as church mice. I would venture to say that those who would hand out the money are those who are like the widow in the Bible who gave her last mite. Does this preacher really need an airplane?

Perhaps they should take a lesson from the good Lord himself. Jesus was on earth and he used his feet or the back of a donkey to get around town. While we don’t live in a donkey type society these days, perhaps just a nice car would do. This is extravagance at its finest and I smell another Jim Baker in the works. These people should save there money, he won’t last long after this stunt.


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