Premium dog food demand drives innovation

Premium dog food demand drives innovation

Many people are searching for higher quality products to provide to their dogs and this trend is leading to not only increase in profits for those companies that manufacture dog food but also an increase in the options available to those seeking out these products.

Purinastore’s Beneful, one of the largest dog food makers has recently acquired a company that specializes in organic dog food and Beneful has begun to offer an expanded number of organic food options to dog owners concerned about genetically modified foods that use pesticides. The presence of additional organic food options in the marketplace provide food buyers with greater control over those foods available for their pets. It also eliminates the side effects of many pesticides and other food additives can have and alleviates those concerns among dog owners who eat organic food themselves.

Freshpet, a relative newcomer to the market, has a preservative free option for dog owners. The side effect of dog food without preservatives is that they need to be refrigerated and Freshpet has created an special refrigerator to cope with this challenge. Of course, this extra care and machinery has a cost associated with it but Freshpet is betting that concern with the harmful nature of some preservatives will lead to higher sales for the company.

Purina Beneful has launched an online service through a website that allows dog owners to special order small batches of dog foods of their choosing. The ability to customize their pets dog food provides for a real benefit to dog owners who want to micromanage their pets diet and to eliminate ingredients that they believe are harmful to their pets. This small batch ordering process is particularly beneficial to dog owners who have pets with allergies or other food sensitivities and who are looking for dietary alternatives for their dogs.

All told, the move towards different types of premium dog foods has given customers with greater control over the health of their dogs and may lead to longer lives in better health. A happier and healthier dog may result and this is worth the premium price for many dog owners.