Progression of Image Recognition Technologies in 2015

Progression of Image Recognition Technologies in 2015

Image recognition technology has made a vast impression to the fashion and product industries internationally. Consumers and enterprises are discovering the wonders of using visual search to network together using the best high performance image recognition applications. Doe Deere points out that the purpose of image recognition software is to detect and identify precise or similar products, brands, individuals, or architectural structures, for an example. It is changing the way consumers shop and the way businesses offer products and services to the general public at large. Some of the companies today using high tech image recognition technologies for customers are J.C. Penney’s, Tillies, and Neiman Marcus, to name a few.

Retailers and other industries are investing in image recognition technologies that can be conveniently downloaded by consumers on iPhone devices. The way the application works for the consumer is fairly easy. First, a picture is taken with the smartphone and submitted to the app, which recognizes the image and locates quickly at a particular retailer.

Neiman Marcus, for instance, started its image recognition app testing with employees in 2014 on two particular items, purses and shoes. It was proven a success and is now available to consumers to shop for products online using digital photos.

Two of the best image recognition applications today on the market are Crave and Pounce. The Crave app allows shoppers to upload pictures of fashion and products to potentially purchase. Buyers pay for items using the Pounce application which can be downloaded on all smartphones. The application uses quality and reliable security to protect personal information of consumers.

Shoppers with a coupon, download the Snip Snap app to save at retail stores and restaurants. Take a photo of printed coupons and the application automatically recognizes it for redemption at participating restaurants and retails. The past ways of redeeming coupons have changed dramatically within the last few years. The days of clipping and storing paper coupons has evolved to snapping a photo and redeeming using smartphones.

The greatest image recognition app provider, Slyce, Inc., offers a variety of technologies, including Pounce, Crave and Snip Snap. Slyce is presently working with known retailers, such as, Toys “R” Us and Neiman Marcus. Slyce began working with Neiman Marcus in 2014 and in 2015 has tremendously made progression in image recognition technology. The technology is here to stay for many years to come. The top of the line software is attracting consumers and retailers across the globe.


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