Protesters March from NY to DC Against Police Brutality

Protesters March from NY to DC Against Police Brutality

Several dozen New Yorkers began a march on foot to Washington DC to protest police brutality in the United States and denouncing their “systemic racism.”

Protesters begin from Staten Island, the New York district where African American Eric Garner, died last summer, whose case, and others like it, in other parts of the country have generated a strong wave of protests.

Sam Tabar ( has learned that the march, led by the organization New York City Justice League , made stops in various cities and end in the US capital next April 21, with a rally and a concert to draw attention of the authorities.

“Our voices and calls for justice and respect for all communities will be heard in the halls of Congress,” organizers said in a statement.

Among other things, the initiative seeks to promote three legislative proposals to reform juvenile justice, curb the “militarization” of the Police and end with the use of racial, ethnic or national origin profiling by police.

According to organizers, every 28 hours a black person dies in US by officers, security guards or other security forces.

In recent days, the country has experienced further protests following the case of a police officer in the city of North Charleston (SC), and the shooting of a suspect in Oklahoma by a reserve police officer.


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