Puppy Saved by Robotic Invention

Puppy Saved by Robotic Invention

A puppy was saved from a dangerous position by Milind Raj in Lucknow. The puppy was trapped in a drain in a road. This drain was extremely toxic and no human could have entered that drain without endangering their life. This puppy’s outlook looked grim. Mr. Raj devised a plan, and he was able to rescue the puppy without endangering human life.

Mr. Raj devised a robotic conception to get the puppy out of the drain. He attached an Artificial intelligence robotic arm to a giant drone he had. Mr. Raj builds robots for a living so he knew just what to do. The robotic arm had a heartbeat sensor that was able to keep track of the puppy’s heart rate. This way, Mr. Raj could keep track of how much pressure was being exerted on the dog to keep him safe.

He had a lab in Lucknow, and it took him six hours to build the device. He admits that the plan was risky, but thought it feasible the operation would result in a rescued puppy. After he built the retrieval device, he set to work. He operated the drone outside the drain, while the device went into the drain and picked up the puppy to free him.

The device worked, and the puppy was rescued. It was noted that the puppy began to vomit once he was rescued. Mr. Raj attributes this to the drain water that the puppy, who was trapped there for almost three days, must have drank. The puppy also threw up plastic food wraps that it must have eaten while trapped in the road drain. Mr. Raj was too happy to adopt the puppy and give him the name Lifted. Mr. Raj admitted it was challenging, but it was very fortunate for Lifted that there was someone at the right place and at the right time.


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