Purina PetCare Looks to Community-Based Marketing Campaigns

Purina PetCare Looks to Community-Based Marketing Campaigns

The Purina PetCare brand may be one of the biggest in the world, but it has remained loyal to a form of marketing designed to help those around the world in looking after their pets. Owners Nestle Purina do invest large amounts of money in the completion of popular and traditional advertising campaigns, but also look to community based projects to assist pet owners and raise their own profile. The success of the wide range of marketing options undertaken by Purina Petcare mean the company has retained its status as one of the top pet brands in the world throughout the 21st century.

Purina PetCare have always been at the forefront of marketing around the world, which has included the company creating the first ever dog targeted TV advertising campaign unveiled in Austria. In the US the company has spent far more time developing its community based links to pet parents across the nation through the development and sponsorship of dog parks and dog exercise events. These events are designed to publicized the active lifestyle Purina PetCare is looking to establish amongst its customers through the healthy ingredients included in the brand’s wide range of foods in both wet and dry styles.

One of the top marketing competitions thrown open to the individual customers of Purina PetCare products is the Incredible Dog Challenge, which tours the US each year to identify top dogs through a series of activities. Purina PetCare offers heats throughout the country for dogs to take part in a series of challenges that show off their skills and strength, much of which comes from the choice of food their owners provide for them. Winners of the heats are then invited to a final, which is broadcast on the TV. The competition is not only open to the most athletic dogs in the US, but to all dogs who can show how the best dog food can make a difference to how they act and live.


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