Pusha-T and Kanye Making Headlines with ‘Daytona’

Pusha-T and Kanye Making Headlines with ‘Daytona’

Pusha-T has collaborated with Kanye West as his producer on his latest album ‘Daytona’. Critics are raving about how this recent release has the perfect balance of hostility and dignity which is heavily appropriate within our current political climate. Rapper Pusha-T has been a consistent name in the hip hop industry since the late 90’s when he was a part of Clipse with No Malice. Pusha-T is known for his ability to spit meaningful words while adding a sense of directness that cannot be easily mistaken. This EP-style album is a total of 21 minutes long, and him and Kanye were able to create quite the memorable track listing in this short time period.


Pusha shows no apologies in his lyrics for who he is and where he stands. He doesn’t let us down when it comes to maintaining the consistency of his image, but he is also sure to touch on some important topics. Our nation is facing several moral differences right now, and Pusha-T does not leave these aspects out of his album one bit. Some of the tracks featured on the album’s listing include: “Hard Piano”, “The Games We Play”, and “Come Back Baby”. The “Hard Piano” track features fellow rap legend Rick Ross. Kanye also took a break from the production role and appeared on the track “What Would Meek Do?”. The album contains seven songs in total, all of which have a different message while still preserving the Pusha-T persona that we’ve all grown to love.


Album critics have shown support as to how this album is simply one from an already secure legend. Pusha-T already has his name well represented in the industry such as Jay-Z and other historically well-known artists. Releasing albums such as ‘Daytona’ is just a way for him to practice his natural-born talent while relaying both new and old messages in the process.



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