QI Group Co-founder, Vijay Eswaran Leaves a Mark On The Entrepreneur Sector

QI Group Co-founder, Vijay Eswaran Leaves a Mark On The Entrepreneur Sector


Dr. Vijay Eswaran is a prominent entrepreneur and the founder and the Executive Chairman of the QI Group of companies. Additionally, he is a multi-business conglomerate with his wings spread across other different industries such as financial services, hospitality, direct selling and education as well.

Not only is Dr. Vijay an entrepreneur, who spoke at the world economic forum, but also a successful author. His first book that was published in 2005 talks about his personal life and the habits he had to get accustomed to succeeding. This book was known as In the Sphere of Silence. His other books include In the Thinking Zone while the third is 18 Stepping Stones and finally On the Wings of Thought. Additionally, he had a program by the name Thought of the Day.

Dr. Vijay Eswaran was also blessed with a big heart, therefore, making him a well-known Philanthropist. He established the RHYTHM Foundation as an arm of the QI group. There is another charitable organization in Malaysia known as the Vijayaratnam Foundation, named after his father. Dr. Vijay uses these foundations to offer mentorship as well as contribute donations to charities and individuals.

With all his accomplishments, Dr. Vijay has received various awards. One of these awards is the lifetime achievement award in Regional Philanthropy because of the Asian Strategic Leadership Institute in Malaysia as well as the one given to him by GOPIO; International Leader in Global Business Strategies among others.

The QI Group of Companies is a multinational unit established in 1998 that caters to various businesses such as hospitality, education and financial services that creates jobs for over 1,500 people in more than 30coutries in the world. The main offices are situated in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore as well as the Philippines. The focus of the QI Group is to encourage entrepreneurship, reform the education sector and improve urban lifestyle through creating high-quality ventures that are related to each other.

Vijay Eswaran gained his knowledge and experience in both the USA and the UK where he attained his higher education and worked for the highest ranked companies such as IBM. He then returned to Asia and formed the QI group.


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