Qnet Planting Roots in India

Qnet Planting Roots in India

Qnet is a widely known international e-commerce company with a hand in multiple types of products. Established in 1998, Qnet has grown exponentially in the past decade, the Hong Kong based company now has multiple offices scattered across Asia. Qnet is known for its innovative business tactics and focus on teamwork, they prefer to build the company up as a whole rather than focus on individual success. Their current endeavor is production in India, which they already have an office set up but wish to expand. In 2013 at their five day convention, Vcon, the Indian representatives in the audience were up to eighty percent which is the highest it’s ever been.

India’s laws involving direct sale have made it tough for foreign companies to set up base in India, however Qnet is willing to look the challenge head on. They have already started manufacturing their watches in India and plan on beginning production of their energy drink too. The initial goal is to switch over production completely to India which will give them a cost revenue of eight to twelve percent. In addition to creating more job opportunities in India, they have offered a platform to anyone who believes they have a unique and solid idea to sell to their customers, with full intention to back the product or idea. Qnet has always been avid about helping people reach their goals, using their company as a jumping off point to find new and promising entrepreneurs to guide into the business world.

Although there has been skepticism because of recent accusations, Qnet still remains a prominent standing in the business world. Their dealings and business plans are completely transparent and the current laws in India do not reflect the current business world well. Qnet has complied with all of the current legislature in India, paid needed taxes and withheld their end of the legal bargain. The lack of clear policies and existence of fraudulent companies often damages the reputation of large business, and Qnet has received some unsolicited backlash because of it.

Qnet has always worked within the laws, giving Indian legislature detailed business plans and contracts containing over 25,000 pages, sighting their company has always worked within the law. . All allegations have been proven to be just that, attacks with out any factual evidence while their business plan has provided nothing but opportunities for employment and advancement in India. Qnet has bounced back since the media-centered attacks in 2013 and still remains in strong standing with India’s support of their company. Spokesperson for QNet India, Ajay Chanam, remains firm that Qnet will remain a well respected company and is very confident people will soon realize Qnet’s relenting honesty.


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