‘Queen’ Has a New Release Date, and There’s More in Store!

‘Queen’ Has a New Release Date, and There’s More in Store!

Nicki Minaj won fans over once again with her new hit singles “Chun-Li” and “Poke It Out” featuring Playboi Carti. The self-proclaimed barbie has been hard at work preparing for the debut of her new album ‘Queen’, which is now said to be released August 10th of this year. There was some confusion when it comes to the actual release date after Nicki appeared at the Met Gala and announced that the album would actually be dropping on June 15th. This is when she initially announced the album name as well. Even with the mix-up in the accuracy of the release date, fans are just happy that Ms. Minaj is coming up on top after Meek Mill recently getting sent away.


In the days leading up to the album drop, Nicki has been certainly keeping fans on their toes. On May 4th she posted a snippet of a song that will be featured on the ‘Queen’ track listing. The video featured what seemed to be some footage of a music video shoot taken from a mobile device. She tagged fellow rappers YG, 2 Chainz, and Big Sean which indicates that all three will be making an appearance within this one track. With four established artists being featured, including Nicki herself, this hit is sure to be a banger in the hip hop industry.


If the buildup of suspense is any indicator of how phenomenal ‘Queen’ will be, then the extended release date will be worth the wait. Minaj isn’t holding out on us by any means, recently revealing that she has three surprises that she will reveal between June 11th and June 15th. As long as the album is as energetic and well-produced as her recent singles, then all is forgiven for Nicki.


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